Houston Tax Lawyers

Because taxation can have such a financial impact on a business or individual, we add value to your business by structuring transactions and operations in order to reduce state and federal taxes. We provide comprehensive income tax planning for businesses and individuals in all aspects of local, state, and federal taxation.

We regularly assist our clients both in complying with the requirements of tax law and in structuring business transactions to minimize tax burdens. Because taxation can have such a significant impact on a company’s bottom line, we strive to provide innovative and up-to-date tax solutions for business formation, reorganization, dissolution, and partnership and limited liability company structuring.

We can also advise you on state and local income taxes, sales and use taxes, and property taxes. We have also handled state and federal tax controversies, from audit through litigation in state and federal courts. We can assist with obtaining technical advice and rulings from the Internal Revenue Service on specific matters.

We represent a full range of non-profit organizations, including private schools, churches and synagogues, arts organizations and a number of faith-based denominational and non-denominational organizations comprising a wide variety of religious beliefs. We can assist with the formation, reorganization, expansion and winding-up, when necessary, of a tax-exempt organization. We can also assist in securing tax exemption for religious, charitable, educational, and other organizations.

Our firm can obtain and maintain exemptions from federal income, state franchise and sales and use taxes, and local ad valorem taxes, and provide ongoing assistance with compliance with Internal Revenue Code provisions, assist in compliance with state and federal public disclosure laws, and represent clients in IRS audits and appeals regarding exempt status and other issues.

We regularly assist business owners with planning an orderly tax-efficient transfer of both management and ownership of their company. Some business owners will frequently want their business to pass to their children and/or other family members. This can be a vital component in preserving family wealth and the family business for future generations.

However, some business owners may seek to sell their interests to other owners/shareholders or to third party. We can assist business owners with developing exit strategies for their business. Our firm works closely with the owners in adopting buy-sell or shareholder agreements that allow for the methodical transfer of interests. Additional considerations such as adequate funding of a buy-sell agreement and the structure of the buy-out arrangement to minimize the tax liability are addressed as well.

In some cases the appropriate exit strategy for a business owner is the outright sale of the business to a third party and we can assist in preparing the business for that event as well as representing them as seller in the transaction.

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